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What's happening at Wa-Klo.

Chenet's books:  "50 Nifty Theatre Activities for Kids" & "Another 50 Nifty Theatre Activities for Kids"

Susan Chenet, Assistant Director at Wa-Klo, has just had 2 more books published:  50 NIFTY THEATRE ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS & ANOTHER 50 NIFTY THEATRE ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS. Both books are an engaging and fun resource for teachers, camp counselors, babysitters, and parents. The books include beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced improvs with hundreds of variations to help kids learn theatre through play. These resources make the world of theater not only accessible, but delightful, for everyone involved regardless of age, experience, or talent. A “must-have” book for classrooms, camps, and theatre departments. 

Click the books to access site to purchase!

Chenet’s book; “Incorporating Theatre into the Camp Setting”

Susan Chenet, Assistant Director of Wa-Klo, has achieved the top of her life list by becoming a published author. Working as a theatre teacher in Louisiana, Chenet found that finding good character driven scripts for young performers was an impossible task, so she decided to concentrate her playwriting skills on dramatic literature for pre-teens and teenagers. She also has written several award winning plays for adults. For years, the campers at Wa-Klo have performed a Chenet play and look forward to the next new script.

Chenet combines her expertise in theatre and camping, and her playwriting talents in the book: Incorporating Theatre into the Camp Setting. The book combines easy solutions to bring theatre into camp, suggestions to have a meaningful and productive theatre program, and three scripts that camps could use in their theatre classes. The purpose of the book is to provide effortless ways to infuse the magic of theatre into any program that deals with children K-12. Chenet’s book gives program directors 100’s of ideas to use for rainy day and full camp events with little or no preparation needed. All one needs is the book to achieve an evening or day of creativity, bonding, and magical fun.

Incorporating Theatre into the Camp Setting is a must have for camp directors, program leaders, theatre and speech coaches, and teachers looking for creative ideas to use in the classroom!

“Susan Chenet’s passion for the theatre and her understanding of the adolescent dilemma is what makes her writing and teaching methods so effective. As a young theatre student, I lived to perform Susan’s words. Though the words were hers, I felt the voice was my own. As an adult it is far too easy to tune out the voice of our youth in the face of war, disease, and economic strife. I encourage you to stop and remember how awful it felt as an adolescent to feel as though no one was listening, as though there was no outlet for self-expression. This book is pertinent because it offers the opportunity and tools necessary to speak the language of the adolescent. Just inside, contained in the pages of this book, is a viable, easy-to-follow path for adults, educators, counselors, and directors alike to create an environment in which youth can allow their dreams to be explored, their voices heard. Theatre is a crucial art—essential for the survival of our human spirits. This book will help you nurture the spirit of our youth and bring an art as vital as theatre to the leaders of tomorrow.”

Georgette Verdin, Middle School Theatre Teacher, Lusher Charter School (New Orleans, La), Former Student, Camp Counselor at Wa-Klo 2003

“… Kids recognize themselves in her scripts, and the lines she writes are revealing, hilarious, and entertaining! Her ideas are inspiring and can make the most reluctant kids want to participate.”
Barbara Forshag, 2001 Louisiana Teacher of the Year
St. Charles Parish Schools Teacher/Administrator

“This book shows Susan’s expertise, creativity, and passion for children and for theatre. I have witnessed Susan’s thorough knowledge of planning a process through which theatre and drama productions come alive and bring out the self-worth of each adolescent who is involved in the process. She has a true gift of making reality come alive in her works. Condensing my words is not easy to do about Susan and her works of art, and especially her love for bringing young people “alive” in the arts!”

William Picard, Retired Administrator/Supervisor
St. Charles Parish Public Schools



Hofstra University and Long Island Business News presented Dr. Maurer with the 4th Annual Health Care Hero Award on October 22, 2009. She was recognized for her exceptional dedication, commitment, and contributions to the quality of health care on Long Island. This Physician's Hero Award represents Dr. Maurer's longtime commitment to the Maurer Foundation which promotes breast cancer education on Long Island and surrounding areas.

The New York Islander's Ice Hockey team recognized Dr. Maurer's excellence in cancer care by presenting her the "Hockey Fights Cancer: Doctors Who Make A Difference Award" on October 31, 2009.

GARDENING, new at Waklo

Wa-Klo’s brand new garden located right outside the kitchen is planted and already in bloom. The radishes should be ready to eat by the first week of camp! Amy MacMahon, an environmental science major at Colby College, will spearhead the gardening project using organic principles. Campers will watch cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, radishes, and a variety of squashes grow from a seed to a ripe and eatable product. We’re hoping that organic gardening will soon become a grand and wonderful tradition at Wa-Klo!

Local Campers become Lake Hosts!

By Susy Mansfield, Thorndike Pond Conservation AssociationVolunteer Lake Hosts from Camp Wa-Klo helped protect Thorndike Pond last summer and will continue to do so this summer!

If you stopped at the Thorndike Pond boat ramp any weekday last summer, just by the Dublin/Jaffrey town line, you may have been surprised to find a girl in green camp shorts or a Boy Scout in uniform greeting you and inspecting your boat. The Thorndike Pond ConservationAssociation CTPCA) was fortunate to have not just one but both of the camps on the pond participating as volunteer Lake Hosts in 2008.

Volunteer Lake Hosts from Camp Wa-Klo helped protect Thorndike Pond last summer and will continue to do so this summer!

How did we get so lucky? Dr. Virginia Maurer, Director of Camp Wa-Klo for Girls, serves on the TPCA Board. At our end-of- summer wrap-up in 2007, Dr. Maurer wondered out loud if the NH LAKES Lake Host™ Program might welcome the service of Wa-Klo campers as part of their Environmental Stewardship summer curricula. It seemed like it would be a good match, and it was.

Fueled by the enthusiasm of TPCA Board members, the NH LAKES staff made a plan for orienting campers. Karen Gillies, Program Director for Camp Wa-Klo, was trained as Point Person. Working with Devin Altobello, a third-year paid Lake Host at Thorndike Pond, the Wa-Klo campers learned the intricacies of greeting boaters, inspecting boats, and mastering paperwork, working in pairs at the ramp.

Shortly after the girls started, the Boy Scouts appeared. TPCA President Jim Banghart met with Director Matthew Ford of Camp Wanocksett, owned by Nashoba Valley Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and training by the TPCA Point Persons was approved and accomplished. Under the supervision of Councilors In Training Director Luke Steele, the Scouts took their place at the ramp every weekday, trading clipboards with the Wa-Klo girls and promoting the environmental ideals of boy scouting.

For 40 days (give or take a little rain) several dozen kids who come to camp in New Hampshire helped protect Thorndike Pond from harm, had fun doing it and learned a bit about invasive aquatic species and water shed protection. What did they take home? A model of active ecological stewardship, a picture of partnership among organizations with common goals, and some good memories from their days at the ramp. Best of all, both camps found that their participation in the Lake Host Program worked well and want to continue next summer.

Does your lake or pond have a camp on it? Might yourcamp want to participate in the Lake Host program? Now is the time to ask for 2009. The TPCA got great help and support from the NH LAKES staff in putting this collaboration together, and you will too.

For more information contact Andrea LaMoreaux, NH LAKES Education Director, at (603) 226-0299 or alamoreaux@nhlakes.org.

Incorporating Theater Into the Camp Setting book by Susan Chenet, assistant director at Camp Waklo in Jaffrey, NH

Click here to order Incorporating Theatre into the Camp Setting