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A Traditional Place that Never Truly Changes!

Although the faces at Wa-Klo constantly change, the traditions that built Wa-Klo still remain firm today. The same songs are sung during the opening and closing of Council Fire, the Sunday night Reflection service still begins with “Here We Are,” Christmas/Hanukah is still celebrated in August, the counselors present Final Council Fire and Reflections, flag lowering and raising happens daily, and the tribe chiefs design and conduct the famous song and tribe formations for Parents’ Weekend. The list is long of the traditions that remain unchanged. Of course, as the times change Wa-Klo keeps pace. Wool sweaters are now sweatshirts, saddle oxfords are now sneakers, bathing caps are long gone, and the wooden pool floats on large, metal barrels have also met their fate.

Since 1938, Camp Wa-Klo has all the same offerings a big camp has, but true to Miss Kloberg’s wishes, the camp population still remains small in order to know every girl that enters Wa-Klo gates. “Our Little Corner of the World” is still a safe and loving place full of special and very nice girls. Miss Kloberg’s favorite poem, “Fit to Know Yourself,” is often recited and the poem’s sentiments are seen through each Wa-Klo girl today.

We encourage alums to visit during the summer and see Wa-Klo. Just drop by the office, make introductions, walk along the paths, and allow the memories of yesterday and the newness of today fill you up.

Join our Wa-Klumni group by emaiing contact details, and we'll put you on our mailing list, so that you can be kept up-to-date with all that's happening.

If you would like to send a memory of camp, please send your thoughts to:  info@campwaklo.com.  The memory page is dedicated to all of those old memories from camps past. We love hearing all the stories of Wa-Klo and the gifts that Wa-Klo offered you when you least expected it. We love all of our alums and we truly look forward to hearing from you.

2/10/10 Carol Evers

Attended Wa-Klo when camp was co-ed!

...I'm so happy to get your newsletter every now and then...Oh, one other funny story...I was at a house party one evening, and we started playing a game of which team could sing a song that the other team never heard of...I began singing the "camp song" (yes, I still remember it) and lo and behold, one of the opposing teams members started singing along with me.  Although we did not attend camp at the same time (she was there as a CIT), we have shared many stories and actually went back when Ms. Jensen (I did not know her, but my friend did) and Ms. Kloberg were there prior to the season opening...they allowed us to stay over night...it was one of the best memories that I have...and my friend and I are still laughing over that weekend. Thanks for the memories Wa-Klo... 

5/6/07 Juliana Pugliese

Attended Camp1998-2005
Memories: The memories from my 8 summers at Camp Wa-klo all blur together. It might seem weird that I can't distinguish events in my life that happened when I was ten from ones that happened when I was fifteen, but Camp Wa-klo was always more of a feeling. You can never replicate the building excitement stirring within me as my family drove toward camp and the sprawling New England roads grew with familiarity until I could count how many turns were left until the front field. No where else in the world can you, at the end of camp, be torn between such a sense of satisfaction with one's accomplishments and a summer well spent, and a sense of desperation for even just one more day with friends. I have never known friends who can comfort me, as I comfort them, while we both cry because you never know which summer could be your last. All my love to the girls still returning and all those that shared eight summers with me, you have left a permanent mark on my heart, and I will always remember our little corner of the world.

4/11/07 isabel ferris wallis

Attended Camp1983 1984
Memories: camp fire horse back ridding sailing realy everything

4/5/07 Christine (Hemmer) Marzigliano

Attended Camp 1955
Memories:My fondest memories are playing sports, the bonfire and attending the Cathedral in the Pines. I remember well passing the swimming requirements in order to swim out to the senior float that was co-ed. Yes, 1955 was the last year the camp (on the other side of the stream) had boys!!! The intermediate float was girls only, but the senior float was co-ed. What an incentive!! Ethel Kloberg ran the girls camp and Mrs. Watkinson ran the boys camp. I remember Miss Wherley, Miss Casey & Miss White. I see lots of new buildings and added water sports now. I do plan on attending the Reunion in June 2007. See you then.

4/5/07 Tori Collin

Attended Camp2001-2005
Memories: I really dont have a favorite memory all of my experiances at Wa-klo were great and i had the best summers of my life at camp. To all my campers and friends i miss you guys and have many found memories especially from the summer of 05 with the bobinn crew you guys were such a blast andf i have many memories from that summer and hope you do to. I am planning on going to the reunion in june and i will diffently visit again this summer that is a promise i am going to try and make it for parents weekend if i can if not i will visit once each month. Have a great summer everyone.
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4/3/07 Dorota Bussey (Stypkowski)

Attended Camp 1962-1968 for 7 summers
Memories : Camp provided a heaven away from New York City and from my mother. When I first arrived at camp, I hardly spoke English as I had emigrated from France just a few months prior to the start of camp. Miss Jensen and Miss Kloberg put me at ease. Though the first season was rough, I learned many social skills and sports. I continued to spend my summers at Wa-Klo until college. Over the years, I became more and more confident. Was a big chief, LTG and finally a counselor. Miss Kloberg and Miss Jensen provided me with clear guidance which I didn't get at home. The beauty of camp soothed me. I go there often in my mind when I meditate. I'm grateful to have been part of Wa-Klo. I plan on attending the reunion in June. Thank you Wa-Klo!


3/23/07 Christy Dolat Bartlett

Attended Camp 1960-66
Camp has lifelong memories for me. My mother was a camper and counselor
and my father was a counselor in the 40s. I was first introduced to Camp
early summer 1958, when my family went up to Camp early to help "open
up." It involved cleaning the cabins, staying in Chatterbox, and I
remember painting the old Arts & Crafts building that had rough siding
that had been sawn out of "blow downs" from the '38 Hurricane. It was
very hard work for little kids! It's since been combined with the Fish
Bowl to make a bigger building and has nice, smooth siding, I noticed,
when I visited last summer.
Good friends, Liza Meyer, Louise Campana, Melanie Cooper and Melody
Goodwin, are the names I can remember now. I wonder where they are now?
My daughter, Sara Bolduc, attended Camp '86, so we have 3 generations of
memories. Of course, Jackie, my sister, was the star athelete and is
still outstanding, an engineer, finishing her home in Alaska.
I will be planning to attend the 70th Reunion in June.


3/17/07 Liz Clark

Attended Camp1984-1990
Memories: Driving through the gates in late June, being greeted by Miss Fletcher & Miss Cocoman, and anticipating reuniting with your friends again! Playing guitar with Miss Chenet at Vespers. Fighting over hot, fresh sticky buns on Sundays. Sleeping as long as possible and arriving at the flag pole with seconds to spare; people used to laugh at my bed-head and honestly that hasn't changed! Being Big Chief with Rachel, Vicky & Karen. Trying to sing/act in the musical productions. And mainly, just trying to stay out of trouble (Oh the secrets I could tell!)! Vicky Palmer & I are planning to attend the reunion and are trying to get the old gang together so if you are reading this please contact me! (510.531.6422) Hope everyone is well!


1/9/07 Ana Malla

Attended Camp 1991-93, 95
Memories: Scavenger hunts. The big yellow monster. Searching for salamanders in the pond. Taking care of bunnies. But most of all, meeting so many great people... and spending the summer laughing!!!!!!!


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