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A Place for the Wa-Klo Girl

"A Wa-Klo girl loves everything about camp.  Wa-Klo will always be apart of this girl no matter how old or young, and a few Wa-Klo cheers will be engraved into her memory forever."  Emily Scott, 9th grade

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who loves to meet new friends.  She’s a girl that doesn’t mind coming alone to camp in order to meet another world of people. 

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who is not highly competitive but still enjoys fun competition.

"A Wa-Klo girl is someone who loves to enjoy herself and have fun!!"  Dylan Donahue, 7th grade

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who loves being surrounded by the beautiful and mysterious out-of-doors and enjoys learning and playing under the sun and stars.

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who is open to challenges and encourages others when they are attempting a new endeavor.

"A Wa-Klo girl is someone who is not afraid to break the mold but to go with it once in awhile as well."  Lucy Cranmer, 8th grade

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who is a great sport and gives nothing but her best in order to achieve better.

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who revels in a structured environment, but who is also spontaneous to enjoy all the summer surprises and magic.

"The Wa-klo Girl is a person who any girl can be. She is strong, independent, caring, and will do anything for her friends. She is known for her colors of green and white. Her friendship towards anyone defines what she is here to do for 2, 3, 4, or 7 weeks in the summer. In our little corner of the world, known to people as Wa-klo, a girl can transform into a Wa-klo girl.   We stand up for each other, we want to do our best, and we are all proud to be called Wa-klo girls.Emily Cross, 7th Grade

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who respects others.

The Wa-Klo Girl is an all-around type of girl who likes to try a little of everything.

"A Wa-Klo girl is caring, fun to be around, and knows how to have fun with everyone!"  Chloe Goldstein, 8th grade

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who demonstrates self-expression through her contributions to camp life whether it be in on stage, in a studio, on the playing field, in the water, or at the stables.

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who enjoys achievement and mastering skills.

"A Wa-Klo girl is a girl who is adventurous, isn't afraid to try new things, and will always remain true to her heart and friends. She has a "can do" personality and always has a smile on the face. From personal experience, I have loved being at Wa-Klo the past few summers and especially love having a great bond with my dear friend Madeline Henderson.  Like my mom says, camp is where you meet and keep friends forever."  Leigh Friedman, 8th grade

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who participates enthusiastically.

The Wa-Klo Girl is a girl who is secure in the belief that she belongs to Wa-Klo and Wa-Klo belongs to her.